Middle School Open House Tonight!! And June Meeting Update

There is an OPEN HOUSE at Hoosac Valley tonight at 5:30pm for middle school families.  There will be tours, information, and a presentation.  We will be there too, so stop by our table to take a chance at our Bella Sky gift basket or to purchase a Hurricane Pride water bottle!

June Meeting Updates:

  1. New playground equipment – vote to approve spending approximately $10,000 to install a new slide play structure that is geared to 2-5 year old children. Order will be placed through Site Specifics for $7k piece plus installation, concrete, etc.  The 2 pole spinners will be relocated to make room for this larger piece of equipment.
  2. Bylaws – several amendments to the PTG bylaws were presented by Erin Mucci. See Minutes6-13-2017.
  3. Elementary & Middle School finances – A discussion of financing 2 separate PTG committees. Vote to allocate  $5000 cash + $10,000 playground piece to elementary school, and allocate $8877 to middle school. Note: another checking account will be opened for the new middle school PTG.
  4. Fundraising – start of year kickoff with Yankee at elementary, middle school will do pies & cookie dough. A more detailed fundraising  plan will be developed in September-October with input from new membership next year.
  5. Election of officers – postponed to September. Each school will call meeting in September and recruit new members and officers.

Click here to download our PTG Brochure 2017 with information about our new structure

Click here to download the Minutes6-13-2017 from our June meeting


Your elementary AND middle school PTG!

Hello!  The June meeting of the PTG will be an important one as we are voting to amend our bylaws and install a new piece of equipment on the CTP playground (pictured here!).

Meeting Tuesday June 13th @ 4pm

We have been informed that the Cheshire PTG is dissolving and we will not be getting any financial support from them in the coming school year.  Therefore, we will be voting to amend our bylaws to include both the elementary and middle school grades, plus expanding our list of officers to include a chair, treasurer, secretary, and arts enrichment coordinator for each school moving forward.

Nominations and election of new officers at each school will take place in the Fall, as we hope to include as many families from Cheshire and Adams as possible.  This is an exciting development for your PTG as we work to support all of the ACRSD students in Preschool through 7th grade.  We hope to continue supporting the field trips, events, and fun that have been traditions at both Adams and Cheshire schools.  All families are welcome at any PTG meeting.  Please share!

March meeting moved to Wednesday March 15th!

Snow busDue to the snow forecast AGAIN this month we have rescheduled our PTG meeting to Wednesday March 15th at 5:30pm in the Cafeteria.  The agenda is below:

  • Minutes
  • Principal’s Report
  • Officers’ Reports
    1. Chairmen’s Report
    2. Treasurer’s Report
    3. Arts Enrichment Report
  • New Business
    1. Vendor Fair – April 8th
    2. Red Sox Trip – April 15th
    3. Explore program – Laura Scholz
    4. Fundraising Update & Ideas
    5. Teacher Requests
  • Next Meeting Date & Time: April 11th
  • Adjourn

There is a lot to discuss so please try to attend.  Thank you and stay warm!!

Meeting December 1st

Conference Table ImageThe PTG will be meeting on December 1st at 6pm in the cafeteria!  Hope to see some more parents and teachers at this meeting.  We will be planning the Give-a-Gift holiday workshop, and winter-spring fundraising goals.  All parents and teachers are encouraged to attend.


First PTG Meeting Tonight!

Conference Table ImagePlease join us at 6PM tonight for the first PTG meeting of the new school year!  We need to nominate new officers, hear new ideas, and get to work at making this a great year for the children of CTP!   We look forward to seeing any new faces who may want to get involved 🙂

See you in the library…

First PTG Meeting and Newsletter of the Year!

September 2014 newsletterThe first PTG meeting of the year will take place this Tuesday evening at 6:30pm in the library!  All parents and teachers are members of the parent-teacher group and we love to see new faces.  Childcare is provided as well.

Please take a look at our September newsletter for some information about the PTG and the meeting agenda: September 2014

If you are unable to attend the meeting we encourage you to stay involved by following us on facebook and subscribing to email updates.  There are plenty of ways to be involved!


End-of-Year Activities and Last PTG Meeting of the Year!

Conference Table ImageThe PTG will hold its last meeting for the year tomorrow, June 11th @ 6:30pm in the library.  Childcare provided!!  Please try to attend if at all possible because we must hold elections of officers for next year and it is important to have enough people at the meeting to vote, thanks!

Some important announcements for the end of the school year:

  1. Field Day – June 19th, Rain Date 20th
  2. 5th Grade Picnic – June 19th
  3. Preschool – last Day June 21st
  4. 5th Grade Graduation – June 21st
  5. Step Up day – June 25th
  6. Last day of school, June 25th – half day

Agenda for the Meeting:

1)    Approval of Prior-Meeting’s Minutes

2)    Principal’s Report

3)    Officers’ Reports

a)       Treasurer’s Report

b)       Arts Enrichment Report

4)    5th Grade Picnic – subs, drinks, and desserts

5)    Yearbook updates

6)    Election of Officers

7)    Announcement of Next Meeting Date & Time

8)    Adjourn

The minutes from the May meeting are available here for your review.

Thank you for your support of the PTG this year!

March 2013 Meeting Info

Conference Table ImageWe will hold our March meeting on Tuesday March 12th at 6:30pm in the library.  Childcare will be provided.  All are welcome!


1)    Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes: Minutes 2-12-2013

2)    Principal’s Report

3)    Officers’ Reports

a)       Treasurer’s Report

b)       Arts Enrichment Report

4)    Beautification in front of school

5)    Fundraiser Updates

a)       Art Show bake sale

b)       One more fundraiser idea

6)    Ice cream resolution

7)    Announcement of Next Meeting Date & Time

8)    Adjourn


First PTG meeting of the school year!

Library cartoonPlease join your PTG at the first meeting of the 2012-2013 school year on September 18 @ 6:30pm in the school library.  Free babysitting is provided!

Your officers have been working hard to get up to speed and ready for a great year.  All are welcome at these meetings!

Meet the Teacher night is Tuesday September 11, we’ll be there too!

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