Spring Updates From Our March Meeting

TulipsSeveral items were discussed at Tuesday evening’s PTG meeting.  Here are a few announcements:

March 28th – Ice cream and fundraiser distributionice cream will be delivered to every classroom at 1pm!  Then the students will have their assembly to see the custodians get their heads shaved prior to the long Easter weekend.

Also, the gourmet pies, cookie dough, and spring treats fundraiser orders will be distributed from 3-6pm.  We won’t have anywhere to store leftover product!  Thanks for helping us to get the word out to students and parents.

April 1st
Art Show the PTG will again host a bake sale, plus we will be doing another McDonald’s night that evening.  Proceeds from this evening will go toward the flowers that Beth Bourdon and crew plant in front of the school each year.  If any staff and parents can help out that night at McDonalds that would be very much appreciated!

May 17th – Staff Appreciation – the Staff Appreciation Luncheon will take place on the stage.

Our next meeting is April 9th at 6:30pm.  Minutes from the March meeting will be forwarded when they’re available.


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